This is one of my favorite times of the year.  That first snow, seeing the lights put up on houses surrounding mine (I’ve never been on the ball enough to do it myself), the smell of pine as you walk into the grocery store past the selection of fresh Christmas trees, holiday songs sneaking into playlists of radio stations, and plans of family get togethers coming into shape.  I think this year is going to be particularly special because it is the first time Garrett seems to get that there is something special coming.  He had so much fun building a snowman for the first snowfall, that he had to have a Garrett snowman and a “baby Oliver” snowman too.

Our family of snowmen

Our family of snowmen

This year, though, my mother and I got rather creative with our DIY-selves and came up with a new snowman of our own.  She works with the young women in our church and they decided to donate a wreath for our local Festival of Trees event held at the end of the month.  All of the proceeds from this event benefit Utah’s children’s hospital, Primary Childrens, to help bring affordable care to all who need it.  Such an incredible event.

She wasn’t sure what to do for the wreath so she enlisted me to provide creative direction for the wreath.  The challenge:  Come up with a project that would auction well and have something that 15-20 young women (ages 12-18) could actively participate in making within one night.  Oi!  I went through my Pinterest boards and searched the internet and kept coming up short.  Finally, I came across this:





So with a little creativity, we came up with this:

Christmas Wreath

I love how my mother and I work together. I call it a success!  The young women had a great time and now we keep thinking we need to make our own.  With any luck, I’ll work to put together an online tutorial with pictures to show how we made it. It’s really not hard and if you work with someone, it can be a ton of fun!  Thanks for the fun time mom!