I love Thanksgiving!  Oh, the turkey, rolls, stuffing, cranberries, stomach flu—oh wait.  Yep, the stomach flu!  I’m not really thrilled about it myself.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but it came back for a round 2 today.  So, I’m chilling in my bed with my laptop.  The good news though, I have a great opportunity to update my blog.  Something I am longing to do more often.

Honestly though, I love Thanksgiving!  In spite of the stomach flu.  This Thanksgiving though, we started out on a fantastic evening the night before.  My parents took Jon and I to a concert to watch one of my college friend’s perform.  I may be biased, but I think he is well on his way to being the next Josh Groban.  But others who didn’t share music classes with him in college have said the same thing.  So I don’t think I’m entirely biased in saying this.  His name is Nathan Pacheco and he was always extremely kind to me when I knew him.  But not only is he extremely kind, but he is also extremely talented.  His voice is so serene and the words in his personally written pieces are so touching.  You can see for yourself:

It is kind of fun to say, “I knew him when…”.   But it is even more exciting to say, “Congrats on a fantastic career, Nathan!”  One quick story from about 9 months ago, I downloaded a copy of his “O Holy Night” which Nathan sings with Katherine Jenkins and my then 2 year old came and sat next to me and tried to sing along with him.  He loved singing those same notes.  And he didn’t do half bad, especially for a 2 year old.  I like to think I have my own mini Nathan Pacheco.

On the quilting front, I am just about to start my next quilt project.  It is using the Serenity quilt pattern, but it uses the alternate “Love” kanji that comes with the pattern.  I think it looks stunning with Riley Blake’s “Serenity” fabric line.