Have you ever given a speech or been filmed?  If so, do any of you have a “go to” word you use if you are nervous?  A lot of people say “um” a lot, or “like”.  Well…  I now know what my go-to word is… drum roll… “Exactly”.

Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Cindy from Riley Blake Designs to put together my very first video tutorial.  We made a sweet and simple quilt… “Daisies Toddler Quilt”.  It is a simple quilt using Rolie Polies (2 1/2″ strips) and a tiny bit of easy applique to make a little quilt that is perfect for a little girl’s crip or toddler bed.  (Now I just need the sweet little girl to go with it)

I look forward to producing more video tutorials with Riley Blake Designs.

Also, I want to express a special thanks to the others who contributed on this project.  First, my mother…  She is so great to stay with me on these projects and help me get them done in time.  Even if it means staying up until 3 or 4 in the mornings.

Second, Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt.  She is so awesome to do a beautiful job quilting in such a short amount of time.  She and I stay in contact throughout the year so she knows when deadlines and projects are due so she can schedule me in.  Such a great talent and a great friend!

Third, The Warm Company, for providing the Warm and White Cotton Batting.  I love this batting and it is definitely my go to batting for all of my quilts.  With white being a popular background, having access to a white batting is so nice.  Plus, it is so nice to have it be a great combination of thin and warm.

Fourth, Thermoweb, for the their fantastic product, HeatnBond Featherlite.  I love this product.  It is a very lightweight and easy to use for applique.  Add a quick blanket stitch around the applique and you have the perfect combination for a sweet floral applique piece.

And finally, Riley Blake Designs, for giving me this opportunity to design quilts using their fabrics.  They have adorable and current fabrics that are so much fun to use and compliment my quilt designs so well.  The Calliope line by Stitch Studios was the perfect line for this project!

Haha, these thank you’s sound like I just won an award.  I’m a dork.  I’m just so excited to have put this project together.  I hope you all like it!


Here is a link to purchase the Daisy Car Seat Cover Quilt Pattern.  It also includes the written instructions and templates for the Toddler Quilt which is showcased in the video above.