I have to admit, I’m really not the best at naming quilt patterns or products in general.  You may have noticed my most creative name is for my 3rd quilt pattern.  You see, it has a bunch of triangles surrounding 6 hexagons.  I love the pattern and had a lot of fun making it.  But when it came to naming it, I couldn’t even kind of come up with a good name.  Plus, I was pregnant at the time, so word-recall was not-at-all possible (If any of you have been pregnant, you know what I am talking about).   So, I got my creative juices reved up for the best creative name…ever!

Drum roll….

Triangles and Hexagons.

Yep…Super Creative.  I am pretty proud of it myself.


(It’s a little pathetic actually…I know)

Anyhoo, I finally decided I needed a more impressive way to name my patterns.  So, I decided upon naming my new patterns after people that have had an impact in my life.  Currently, I’m making my way through my first group of awesome roommates.


Freshmen year in College. Everyone except for Kelly is in this photo. P.S. The year on the photo is really wrong. It should have been around ’01 or ’02. Can’t remember exactly.

So, there is a little bit of creativity left in choosing which patterns best fit the personalities of each roommate, but other than that, it has been a fantastic solution for my not-so-good-at-naming-quilts dilemma.  Four new patterns sport their names, with another one to go.

So, I’ll start by introducing one of the quilts I made for Market.  I loved designing this one.  Inspiration came from a random place and that was looking at a ceiling on houzz.com.

I knew that I wanted to incorporate this concept into some of my design work.  I drafted up a piece of fabric, which we’ll see if it comes to life one day.  But, I also drafted up this awesome quilt:


Allyson Quilt Pattern Illustration in Lila Tueller’s newest line: Priscilla. Expected arrival in June through Riley Blake Designs.

I got the fabric a couple weeks ago and was able to sew this one up in time for Quilt Market 2013 in Portland.  In Market planning, having a couple of weeks to do a quilt is actually A LOT of time.  (I had 2 days to sew the last of my Market Quilts which is even still better than most).  Here is the photo of the actual quilt.  I love the look of it in person even more than the illustration.  Natalia Bonner did an amazing job on the quilting…as always.

Quick snapshot of the Allyson Quilt before it went to market.

Quick snapshot of the Allyson Quilt before it went to market.

So, here it is.  This is my (first) entry for the 2013 (May) Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  I can’t wait to get it back from Market to get some better photos taken.


Here’s the details:

Allyson Quilt (Twin Bed Size)

Fabric:  Lila Tueller’s “Priscilla” with Riley Blake Designs

Designed and sewn by Kimberly Bourne with some help from my mother and cousin.

Special Technique:  Simple curved piecing with no applique.

Quilted by Natalia Bonner

For those interested, you can pre-order the pattern now for a discounted price.