Yep, you heard it right.  I’m teaching in June 2014 at the Small Town Quilt Show – In a Big Town Way.  I’m thrilled.  I was so flattered, shocked, excited, and nervous when I received an invitation to teach from Natalia.  Since then, I’ve been able to fine tune the class outlines for the classes that I will be teaching.  The two quilt patterns that I am teaching are… drum roll… Modern Asterisk & the Allyson Quilt Pattern.AllysonFull AsteriskFull

These are two favorite quilt patterns of mine so I can’t wait to share the ins and outs of these patterns.  The thing that I’m most excited is that each teaches a technique that some people get really nervous about.  Paper piecing and curved piecing.  By the end of either class you will be given the tools, tips & techniques to master the quilt’s technique (Modern Asterisk – Paper Piecing :: Allyson Quilt – Curved Piecing).  Over the next few days, I’ll share a lot more about what each class is about.  All I’m going to say right now is to come, take some classes from some amazing teachers, and meet/party with some awesome quilters from all around.  I know that Natalia and Kathleen are going to put together a fantastic weekend.  Plus you won’t want to miss an opportunity to take some classes from incredible quilt and fabric designers such as Lori Holt, Joanna Figueroa, Becky Goldsmith, and my personal favorite Sandy Klop (American Jane – She was so much fun to get to know at Market).  Oh and summer in Midway, stunning and relaxing.  What more could you want?

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