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I discovered my passion for creating and the arts at a fairly young age. I loved everything from paper crafts, drawing, designing, music and dance. My earliest creations included my own clothes for dolls and animals which later moved onto designing my own gowns for ballroom dance competitions.

While in school at Brigham Young University, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with an emphasis in my favorite instrument, the harp. While there, I was always looking for opportunities to use my love of design and creativity as well. Everything from posters, websites, wedding invitations, photography and more. If I could create something new, I did.

In 2009, while expecting my first baby, I started quilting at a block of the month class my mother wanted me to join her in. I. Loved. It! I have since taken many classes in quilting and appliqué.

Immediately, using my background in design and combining it with my new-found love of quilting, I began designing my own patterns for my newborn son. I received unexpected rave reviews for my first pattern, Pinwheels & Playgrounds, a uniquely designed quilted infant carseat cover. In January 2010, I ventured into the world of designing patterns starting with that carseat cover.

Why “Main Street Market Designs”?

Just over 15 years ago, my brother and father started a company known as The Main Street Market. They worked to create & design miniature menus for local restaurants to advertise in neighboring hotels. Shortly after they started the business, Garrett, my brother, passed away unexpectedly. I had to jump in to help fulfill the contracts arranged with the restaurants, I picked up much of the design work and learned quickly that I had a great love for designing, much like Garrett.

With the encouragement of my husband, family & friends, I have created my own business to sell my designs. It is exciting to use the “Main Street Market” name to carry on a legacy of design started by my brother and father. Here’s to you, Garrett!