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Instagram :: April 22, 2017 at 05:59PM

Oooh a sea of orange peel love. ‚̧ I’m getting so much more confident with my machine especially now that is computerized. My customer wanted an orange peel design and I was able to quickly draft it up on my computer and soon it was a pantograph. So excited!!! #quiltythings #topsecretfront #digitaldesignsbymsmdesigns #msmdesignsstartsquilting #berninaq24 #qmatic @berninausa @nataliemalanstudio
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One of my newest projects. Starlet is exclusively available through @becraftsy . I loved designing this quilt particularly because of the fussy cut borders. #starletquiltpattern #melroseandvine #quiltythings . Thank you @thequiltingmill for the beautiful quilting as usual!
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Riley Blake Mini

Here’s the back of my mini for @rileyblakedesigns booth at @quiltmarket. I took this in my car while my husband was driving. I took a photo of the front (coming soon). But after taking it, I looked up and saw that the woman in the car next me was taking a picture of my quilt too! A little awkward, but hey, when you see quilty goodness, what can you do? ūüėā. Can’t wait to show you all of the fun quilts I’ve been working on… #qpcurvetemplates #berninaq24 @berninausa #quiltythings #msmdesignsstartsquilting #paperpiecing #quiltmarket #quiltmarketprep #quiltmarket2016 #fall2016quiltmarket @bambooquiltshop #winlinebatting #winlinetextiles
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Quilt Blocking, Yikes!!!

Something about this seems wrong. Please tell me that I am not ruining my quilt. #firsttimeblockingmyquilt. My 4yo came in and asked why I was watering ūüí¶my quilt ūüėāūüėā. #quiltythings #labyrinthquiltpattern #rjrfabrics @rjrfabrics #quiltmarketprep #2016fallquiltmarket #bigrevealcomingsoon #comingsoon
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Wistful Winds Blog Tour

I am excited¬†to share my project made using the Wistful Winds collection by Shari Butler (Doohikey Designs) with Riley Blake Designs. ¬†This is such a special collection with its¬†rainbow of colors, sweet florals, and a darling little girl. ¬†It’s even more special when you learn the story behind it. ¬†Shari will be sharing bits and pieces throughout the blog tour over on her blog and through social media and on October 21, she’ll share more of the personal meaning it has for her. ¬†I know a small part of it, and it made joining the blog hop a bit of a cathartic journey for me as I ponder the hope that was poured into each piece.

I chose to sew one of my all-time favorite, quick projects… ¬†The Daisies Car Seat Cover.

Years ago, I made a video tutorial for Riley Blake Designs that shows how to make the Crib Quilt that is included with the pattern.

Feel free to watch and make your own sweet little girl quilt.

The fabric has a fantastic tonal print that worked so nicely for the smaller borders but also for the flowers to give each a great bold coloring. ¬†The tonal also worked beautifully for the binding and the handle straps. ¬†The flowers on a white background stood out so stunningly especially when emphasized by the amazing quilting of Barbie Mills. ¬†I didn’t know when I picked it up, but she had added a little custom quilting on the flowers which just tied the whole piece together beautifully! ¬†Thank you Barbie!!!

The back just uses a rolie polie (precut 2.5″ strips), which makes piecing this cover a breeze. ¬†You can purchase the pattern by clicking the pattern cover below.

It’s time for a fun Giveaway! ¬†Comment below for a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate to my shop to buy your own Daisies quilt pattern (or whatever you’d like for $50.00). ¬†The giveaway goes until October 16, at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time. ¬†And the winner will be announced on October 17.

Don’t forget to visit other quilters and makers over the next few days who will also be playing with Wistful Winds. You can visit them here for more inspiration.

October 3rd:

Amy Sinibaldi ‚Äď
Kristyne Czepuryk ‚Äď

October 4th:
Amanda Niederhauser ‚Äď
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Meagan Taylor/Kristi Jones ‚Äď
Christine Cook ‚Äď

October 6th:
Elea Lutz ‚Äď
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October 7th:
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October 10th:
Elizabeth Evans ‚Äď
Kimberly Bourne ‚Äď

October 11th:
Jemima Flendt ‚Äď
Nadra Ridgeway ‚Äď
Amy Chappel ‚Äď

October 12th:
Katie Skoog ‚Äď
Amber Johnson ‚Äď
Gwen Sager ‚Äď

October 13th:
Angie Wilson ‚Äď
Clare Horsman ‚Äď
Deanna Wall ‚Äď

October 14th:
Melissa Mortenson ‚Äď
Jessica Stewart ‚Äď
Tina –
Shari Butler ‚Äď

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My First Ribbon!

I’m crazy excited!!! I’ve never entered a quilt before to a competition, but my amazing quilter on the quilt @quiltwithmindy suggested that I should. It got Judges Choice! I can’t wait to go see it!!! Thank you @vetmari for posting!!! #quiltythings #eclipse2quiltpattern #sunprints2016 @alisonglass @andoverfabrics I’lol send a better photo when I have a chance!!! . . . Repost @vetmari #quiltshow at Utah Quilt Fest and getting ready to teach my Bonkers for Blocks class! Congrats to my friend @msm_designs on her judges choice award! #utahquiltfest #quiltfest #quiltersofinstagram #utahquiltguild @utahquiltguild
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Flight Path… A Free Tutorial

Flight Path Quilt

I am excited to show you this quilt. ¬†It is my “Flight Path” quilt. ¬†I designed it with the idea of being a quick and easy quilt to make for anyone. ¬†And then, I came across the perfect fabric collection by Riley Blake to go with it. ¬†It is called “Knock on Wood” by Deena Rutter and it is a perfect line for little boy quilts. ¬†Once I started making it, I thought it would make a fantastic tutorial to share on my blog.

While I was making this quilt, my youngest kept insisting that this was a blanket, NOT a quilt. ¬†It took me a minute and then I realized that we have a standing rule at our house that my kids can’t touch my “Quilts”. ¬†They have blankets that have accumulated (sadly none of them have been made by me) that they have unlimited access to, but my quilts are off limits. ¬†So, when my youngest kept insisting that this one was a blanket, I realized that it was because he wanted to keep this one to snuggle in for himself. ¬†It wasn’t just once or twice, it was every time he came into the room to be with me. ¬†He loved this quilt and was certain that it was for him. ¬†Which, is why I have decided to turn this into a free tutorial so that I could give it to him faster rather than keeping it nice for trunk shows and such. ¬†Plus, it gave me a great opportunity to test out my new longarm. ¬†This is only the second quilt I have ever quilted, and the first that I would consider custom quilted. ¬†I played around with some dot-to-dot quilting in the triangles and opted to practice the back-and-forth motion on the rest of the filler. ¬†I love how it turned out. ¬†It is by no means perfect, but for my first time, it was better than I expected it to turn out. ¬†So, I am one happy gal.

Flight Path Tutorial

Flight Path Quilt

Cutting Instructions

Multiple Prints (Can be cut from a Layer Cake)

  • A – (24 qty total) 5.25″ x 5.25″ Squares
  • B¬†– (18 qty total)¬†2″ x 5.5″ Rectangles
  • C¬†– (2 qty total) 2″ x 5″ Rectangles
  • D¬†– (3 qty total) 2″ x 3″ Rectangles
  • E¬†– (2 qty total) 2″ x 1″ Rectangles

Background – 1 & 1/2 yards

  • F¬†– (94 qty total) 2.875″ x 2.875″ Squares (8 strips, 13 squares each)
  • G¬†– (43 qty total) 2″ x 4.5″ Rectangles¬†(6¬†(2″) strips, 8¬†rectangles¬†each)
  • H¬†– (36 qty total) 1.75″ x 5.5″ Rectangles¬†(6¬†(1.75″) strips, 7 rectangles¬†each)
  • I¬†– (4 qty total) 1.75″ x 5″ Rectangles¬†(1 (1.75″) strips)
  • J¬†– (6 qty total) 1.75″ x 3″ Rectangles¬†(1 (1.75″) strips)
  • K¬†– (4 qty total) 1.75″ x 1″ Rectangles¬†(1 (1.75″) strips)

Borders Р3/4 yard

  • L¬†– (10 qty total) 2″ x 40.5″¬†Strips

Binding Р3/4 yard

Backing Р2 & 1/4 yards

Piecing Instructions

1.  Draw a diagonal line on the wrong-side of all of the F Background Squares.

2.  Place right-sides together two F Background Squares on opposite corners of one A Square as shown to the right.

3. ¬†Sew 1/4″ to the left and right of the drawn lines.

4.  Cut along the drawn line.

5.  Trim the excess corners and press toward the F Triangles.

6.  Place one F Square in the corner of the Heart Unit from step 5 as shown to the right.

7. ¬†Sew 1/4″ to the left and right of the drawn line.

8.  Cut along the drawn line.

9.  Trim the excess corners and press toward the F Triangle.

10.  Repeat steps 1-9 with all of the F Squares and all of the A Squares.  This should make 94 flying geese units.

11.  Sew one H Rectangle to the top of one B Rectangle.  Sew another H Rectangle to the bottom of one B Rectangle.  Press toward the B Rectangle.

12.  Sew one G Rectangle to the left of the unit from step 11.  Sew another G Rectangle to the right of the same unit.  Press toward the G Rectangles.

13.  Repeat steps 11 & 12 with all of the B Rectangles to make 18 units.

14.  Sew one I Rectangle to the top of one C Rectangle.  Sew another I Rectangle to the bottom of one C Rectangle.  Press toward the C Rectangle.

15.  Sew one G Rectangle to the right of the unit from step 14.  Press toward the G Rectangle.

16.  Repeat steps 14 & 15 with both of the C Rectangles to make 2 units.

17.  Sew one J Rectangle to the top of one D Rectangle.  Sew another J Rectangle to the bottom of one D Rectangle.  Press toward the D Rectangle.

18.  Sew one G Rectangle to the right of the unit from step 17.  Press toward the G Rectangle.

19.  Repeat steps 17 & 18 with all of the D Rectangles to make 3 units.

20.  Sew one K Rectangle to the top of one E Rectangle.  Sew another K Rectangle to the bottom of one E Rectangle.  Press toward the E Rectangle.

21.  Sew one G Rectangle to the right of the unit from step 20.  Press toward the G Rectangle.

22.  Repeat steps 20 & 21 with both of the E Rectangles to make 2 units.

23.  Sew the Flying Geese and Dash units (sewn in steps 11-22) into the different rows.  Press the flying geese toward the big part of the triangles and also toward the Dash units to minimize bulk.  See below for an example of pressing and below again for the layout of rows.

24. ¬†Using the “Easing In” technique outlined below, sew the L Borders to the top and bottom of the quilt and in between each row. ¬†Press toward the L Border Strips.

And here it is! ¬†If you look closely, you can even see the quilting that I, me, myself, I did! ¬†I’m so excited. ¬†It is definitely a first for me to custom quilt anything (It’s just my second time ever doing a quilt at all, let alone custom on this one). ¬†It’s been a fun journey to say the least. ¬†I can’t wait for years and years of quilting to happen in the future.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. ¬†It was such a fast and easy quilt to put together and I loved seeing the smile on my Little One’s face when I told him he got to keep the quilt. ¬†Thanks for visiting!!!

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Public Service Announcement

To say I’m excited would be a huge understatement!!! I’m so excited to chat it up with the one and only @quilterpatsloan this coming Monday. Join us on August 22, to learn more about me and the quilting I love! #quiltythings
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My First Custom Quilted Quilt!

Here is my first attempt at custom quilting. And, my second quilt to be on my #q24longarm. Getting excited that it doesn’t look terrible. I can foresee enjoying this for the long-run. #msmdesignsstartsquilting #customquilting #dottodotquilting @berninausa #flightpathquilt #rileyblakedesigns @rileyblakedesigns #knockonwoodfabric @deenarutter #freetutorial #quiltythings
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