This easy-to-sew quilt pattern creates a darling car seat cover for an infant’s car seat carrier.  The shape of the cover gives the best coverage without dragging on the ground. It’s unique shape even makes it easy to still attach toys to the handle of the car seat and not to the cover itself as well as provide just the right amount of air circulation for the baby. The cover ties from below the handle so it is easy to still carry the car seat without worrying about a shifting blanket. The ties are sewn into the blanket instead of just on top which helps it to stay in place and have a strong hold of the handle.

It makes a great gift for baby showers, children and grandchildren. Use flannel for the batting in warmer areas or a nice warm batting for the cooler areas.  This cover creates shade in the summer and a shelter from the winter.  You can un-tie it and lay it out on the ground for a quick play mat on-the-go. Or, you can tie it loosely around your neck to make a quick nursing cover on-the-go. It even holds it shape so you can watch your little-one as he or she nurses. Great for keeping the wind out of their faces to help avoid colic.

Pattern Features

  • Full-color Illustrations
  • Step-by-step written instructions